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Zibo city small and medium-sized enterprises bureau director hou yong and his party to visit the com


On the afternoon of December 14, 2018, director hou yong and section chief shen together with four other members of zibo small and medium enterprises bureau were accompanied by director zhang huiping and director dou huichenko of small and medium enterprises bureau in zhangdian district for a visit to our company to investigate the development of the company. Chairman ni huali and general manager gao aiguo of our company were accompanied by them.

   First of all, chairman ni huali introduced the company's corporate culture, company situation, development status and future strategic planning for the research group, and especially reported the company's new technology development and application in polyethylene medical packaging materials.

Later, director hou and his delegation visited the clean production workshop, and the city leaders had an in-depth exchange with the company leaders on the company's development and technological innovation.

Finally, director hou yong gave full affirmation to the company's practice and good development prospect in attaching importance to corporate culture, investment in scientific research and technological innovation, and put forward valuable Suggestions for the company's future scientific research and brand building.

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