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Need to know about the method of identifying toxicity of | packaging bags


Packaging bags are very common in our life, the use of more than a kind of packaging materials, many of which have a certain toxicity, long-term use is harmful to human health, we should be careful to use. Some common ways to identify the toxicity of packaging bags you need to know next so that we can use the bags in a healthy way in the future.

Use your eyes

Non-toxic plastic bags are white, bright or slightly bright, uniform texture; Toxic plastic bags are colorful or white, but poor brightness, turbidity, plastic appearance is not uniform, there are small particles.

Listen with your ears

Shake plastic bags with hands, announced that the crisp sound is non-toxic plastic bags; And the noise is small and muffled is toxic plastic bags.

3. Touch by hand

With the hand stroked plastic packaging bag appearance, very lubrication is non-toxic; Sticky, astringent and waxy are poisonous.

Smell with your nose

Non-toxic plastic packaging is tasteless; Anything that affects the odour or taste of an abnormality is poisonous.

5. Submerged test method

Put the plastic bag into the water, with his hand to the bottom, wait a moment, surface is non-toxic plastic bags, sink in the water is toxic plastic bags.

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