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What are the components of plastic packaging bags


Packaging bags are very popular in all walks of life today, convenient and efficient, convenient transportation. There are four kinds of packaging materials: plastic, paper, metal and glass. Among them the plastic packing bag occupies the quite big proportion, the plastic vacuum packing bag also can cause the product to keep fresh to facilitate the transportation not to be easy to squeeze. So what are the components of plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging bag is composed of or natural polymer resin as the primary material. A type of material that is malleable at a given temperature and pressure and whose shape can be fixed after cooling.

Natural or macromolecular resin molecules in the melting state, and adjacent to the uniform distribution of agent molecules process called plasticization, early in the process called early plasticization, has not arrived, is not considered plasticized.

Of course, plastic packaging is now the second packaging material, its application surface is not as good as paper and cardboard packaging. But plastic vacuum packaging industry according to the rate of 5% a year in the open, and other plastic materials, including paper and cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic 砙, ramie cotton only added at a rate of 2%.

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