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How is the package printed


Now a lot of packaging bags focus on the creative advertising outside, the good copy combined with the characteristics of the product printing in the packaging bag appearance, in order to attract customers to buy, we will see a lot of time full of creative packaging bags, so how is the manufacturer to print it?

Before printing, color separation plate making, color separation plate making requirements to get the white version, used for the background, and the corresponding color version, can be in the electronic carving system to do this job, also can be in the prepress planning system planning, and then in the electronic carving machine directly carved printing plate.

If it is to be printed on a unit printer, the detailed steps are plate loading, ink scraping knife, preparation ink adjustment, winding, test ink, conditioning, formal printing. And color printing plastic bags covered in a special laminating machine. Making plastic bags is the ultimate bag-making, and the practice is to bond. Two layers of film are bonded to form a three-side sealing plastic bag and cut into a single bag.

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