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Snack bags with these words to buy carefully


Now all kinds of snacks are our favorite to eat, to the weekend is to buy to buy, buy a pile of snacks, do not know some snacks packaging is not how environmental protection, see with the following words packaging carefully buy. For their own health less snacks more meals, for their own to develop a good eating habits.

Bring "dry" snacks

The fruit vegetable that USES candy or salt to process is done, if nori piece, apple is done, banana is done, although hang the name of the fruit, but nutrition already greatly discount, can "appropriate edible" once. Eating too much fat increases the risk of obesity. If you have dyslipidemia or need to lose weight, don't eat too much.

Snacks with "crispy pastry"

During the Spring Festival, many people like to buy durian crisp, coconut crisp, pineapple crisp, almond crisp and other kinds of "crisp" food to entertain friends and relatives, but the taste of this kind of crisp sweet depends on a lot of fat (including trans fatty acids), sugar and many additives, high energy and high fat, but the overall nutritional value is low, must not eat more.

Snack with wicker

Chicken, pork, beef... Note that they may not be real meat, as there have been news reports of some vendors using duck meat to make fake beef tenders. Be wary of beef tenderloin, which is abnormally red in color and oddly tender in texture. But! "Fried" chicken such practice, very unhealthy. Chicken tenders are coated with a thick layer of breadcrumbs or flour, which can be starchy in more than half a bite. Fried crispy golden chicken fillet, it is to rely on flour to suck up super much oil, also be low fat no longer, more healthy white meat choice.

Snack with flavor

Papaya moon cake, milk biscuit, cherry cola... With a "taste" word, it means that the food may not have this material, just with the spice blend out of it, be sure to pay attention.

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