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What are the characteristics of vacuum bags


According to the number of plastic film layers, plastic vacuum bags can be divided into single film and composite film two categories of vacuum bags, subdivided into a layer, two layers, three layers, four layers, or even more than 10 layers. Vacuum bags are widely used in both shipping and selling packages. So how do we choose plastic vacuum bags after all? Packaging today for us to choose the key.

1. Puncture resistance of plastic bags after vacuum. Whether delivering or selling packaging, one of the most important functions of packaging is to maintain food. If most of them are punctured, they will not be maintained. So we want to know whether our products have sharp hard substances, puncture to reach what level. Ordinary method, let the packaging manufacturers supply samples, their own vacuum packaging test, throw, throw, pressure and other methods, and then see if there is a broken bag phenomenon.

2. In what environment is the vacuum bag used? Including processing environment, storage environment, transport environment, different environment requirements to choose different plastic film and printing process. For example, the instant brined duck's feet are sterilized with high temperature and boiled in water after vacuum packaging. High temperature sterilization for plastic film resistance to high temperature above 121 ℃, high temperature 100 ℃ water sterilization requirements, and high temperature environment is not water soluble, water resistance is better.

3. Maintain other food requirements. Vacuum bags are used to extend the shelf life of food and better preserve its color, aroma and taste. In addition to the need for puncture resistance, there are many other functional requirements. Such as salt baked chicken legs, salt baked chicken wings they will have oil, aromatic molecules, plastic bags are necessary to have oil resistance and incense retention.

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