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What are the prospects for the plastic packaging industry


Plastic packaging factory found that the trend of functional food composite packaging film, thin future food industry on high barrier, resistance to cooking, uv resistance, light, antimicrobial, breathable, absolute oxygen and other functional film demand continues to increase, but also to the development trend of thin.

Modern food packaging not only provides physical protection for food and its contents, but also helps extend the shelf life of food, provides product information and displays brand image, making it more convenient for consumers to use in daily life. Compared with other packaging materials and forms, such as glass, metal and hard plastic packaging, flexible packaging is more environmentally friendly and saves the cost of raw materials and transportation, thus better meeting the industrial needs of modern packaging.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental protection, and how to reduce the use of fossil products from the source has become a topic of concern for enterprises. Among them, biological packaging materials become an important choice.

Packaging materials are mostly disposable products. In order to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, waste reduction treatment has become one of the development directions of plastic packaging. In the process of reduction, biodegradable materials play a leading role. With the improvement of environmental protection laws and regulations, and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness of consumers, the domestic market scale of biodegradable plastic packaging is also expanding.

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